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#1 2008-05-12 20:21:20

Registered: 2008-04-24
Posts: 10


I was thinking may be we should start making Clans/Guilds.
That way we could have tournaments and stuff.
And I still think that we should all be playing on 1.03 patch. The best patch so far.

And is there a way of creating a server where everyone could enter without entering the ip or anything, because when I play with like Alucard and belmont I kept lagging. And when I created a game people were unable to join me.
There must be a way for making a server so this game could be more enjoyable.

One more idea:
I think we should start making maps or anything if we are not too lazy.
Let's try to search for some more players so we could make it more efficient and fun here big_smile



#2 2008-07-03 06:53:45

Registered: 2008-07-03
Posts: 3

Re: Clans

It's a good idea.  I agree with you on the point about the 1.03 patch.  I posted it in the English board, but there's a No CD crack from the free information society, works with 1.03, so you get the benefit of the best patch and the ability to play without a CD.  If that sounds good to you guys, the link once again is here.

http://www.freeinfosociety.com/site.php … eb3dc0e3fa



#3 2008-07-09 13:32:55

Registered: 2008-02-16
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Re: Clans

If you want maps get them from my site. If you need a particular map tell me and I'll do it smile



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