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#1 2008-08-15 09:23:37

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How To Play A MULTIPLAYER Game ~ all with questions ask here!

Hello, my fellow warlods battlecry players, looking around i'm seeing alot of confusion with the warlords battlecry multiplayer funtion. so here, i will try to solve this problem.

Firstly, you cannot play agaisnt some random person you have never interacted with before, because either you need the I.P number, and he needs yours.

Whats an I.P number?
An I.P number/adress is obtained when playing multiplayer you "create" the game. This number shows at the bottom.

REMEMBER~warlords battlecry multiplayer will only work if you have a web browser open beneath the game.

So you want to play multiplayer, you will need you and atleast one other person. You will have to decide who will create the game.

So, "jimmy" creates a multiplayer game and he has the I.P number 123.453.3.2 uh-oh. If the last numbers are only single digits you have either, not opened the internet browser. Or your firewall is preventing acces. If so, let your friend create this game!.

lets try again. "Sarah" creates her multiplayer game and she's in luck! her I.P number is 12.345.67.891 If the I.P number has a series of 1 and 2 digit numbers, the code is valid. *the I.P numbers length will change depending on how many people are playing, they generally stay between 10 and 11 digits*

Now, "Sarah" gives her I.P number to "Jimmie" by any number of means, text,phone,internet. Etc.

"Jimmie" selects join game from the multiplayer menu and enters this code, *don't forgot the . these are essential*

"Sarah" would have selected a name for this game. It's name will appear in the box if the code was entered correctly.

"Jimmie" you click that  and enter, and then the usual game creation screen appears, there will also be a chat box in the centre, if you want to chat during a game, press "enter"

"sarah" is the only one able to change the rules of the game, because she is the game creator. So make sure she sets them right! ^_~

Also teams are availible, if you want to be together, where the race colour orb is, click it and a number will appear. all 1's will be together all 2's and so on.

Whilst in game, you won't be able to pause. Which some players use alot.

I hope this helps, and with any questions please ask here ^_^

Your friendly high elf helper! big_smile



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